Lomi Lomi

This is a wonderful technique developed by the ancient Hawaiians. Circular strokes overlap each other with both hands to cover a wide surface area while rocking your body to a rhythm of tranquility. Traditional lomi lomi was performed for many hours and sometimes for days until every muscle was relaxed. Alex Herring, owner of Aromatopiq, studied this practice with Ho’opono’opno in Kauai for two years.

Structural Realignment / Ortho massage

Does your posture need improvement? Do your joints feel out-of-place or stiff? This connective tissue manipulation technique melts your muscles back to perfection. Imagine a sculptor shaping your knotted muscles back to their natural shape. We believe that pain is an unacceptable side effect in any massage treatment. Deep tissue massage and ortho-massage is slow and deep pressure.

Thai massage on the table 

Want a massage with passive stretching and a journey to your rejuvenation station? This is for you. Stretching along each energy meridian increases blood circulation and chi through your muscles and joints. Traditional Thai massage is received on the floor however we integrate the stretches on the massage table while you receive a treatment.

Integrative Reflexology (Hands, Ears and Feet)

Request some or all of your treatment to focus on the hands, ears, and feet. These three areas reflect body maps that communicate with your nervous system. Your nerves will relax into their finest moment ever. You will feel the warmth of your own blood. Incorporate Integrative Reflexology into a massage to increase the efficacy of both.


Essential oils are clinically proven to improve your body’s homeostasis via the endocrine system. Choose the highest quality oils from Aromatopiq with an aromatherapy consultation before your massage. We make a custom massage oil using a recipe found nowhere else on earth. It will infuse into the body for the best massage ever!