meet Alex – owner

Alexandre Herring became massage therapist in pursuit of his passion to take the healing powers of the human body to a higher level.

He graduated from Ashmead College in Seattle, Washington in 2003 with 1,040 hours of training. After he spent 330 hours studying Integrative Reflexology of the hands, ears and feet.
He then went to Kauai, Hawaii to study Lomi-Lomi and Ho’opono’opono and worked for two years offering ocean beach massages around the whole island.
He returned to California and spent five years on medical cannabis farms where he learned cannabis extractions and organic farming techniques.
After moving to South Lake Tahoe, California to pursue a degree in natural sciences he continued his career at  Aromatopiq in Eastman, QC.

THINGS to include.
why you chose massage therapy as a career.
•what your current and past clients have said about you and your services.

things to include about your process:
meet and greet
• session set up
• treatement
• follow up plan